5 апреля 2012

    International Building Forum "Interstroyexpo" will be held on April 18th -21st 2012 in "Lenexpo" (St. Petersburg, Bolshoy Prospect VO 103, Pavilion № 7)

    26 марта 2012

    Non-combustible material TEHFOM deserved the interest of visitors of the 32-th All-Russian exhibition "BuildEXPO", which took place from 20th to 22d March in Volgograd

    19 марта 2012

    From 14th to March 17th , 2012 , the architectural-costruction exhibition "STIMexpo was held in the EC "VertolExpo" of Rostov-on-Don. It was organized by the CEC "Vertol Expo" with the support of the Administration of Rostov-on-Don.

    17 марта 2012

    20-22 March 2012 non-combustible material TEHFOM heat and sound insulation will be presented in Volgograd on 32 All-Russian specialized exhibition "BuildEXPO-2012"

    10 марта 2012

    The company "Tehnofom", within the framework of cooperation between the producers of the Association "Greenstreet", will take part in the exhibition "STIMexpo -2012" in Rostov-on-Don

    21 февраля 2012

    One of the most popular methods of facade and interior finishing is stucco. This method of relief of architectural decoration has been known since ancient times. Traditionally, stucco was made of natural materials

    6 февраля 2012

    Let us recall , the 13th specialized exhibition "Domestic building materials" (DBM) was held in the end of January 2012 in the CEC "Expocentre". Summing up the results.

    24 января 2012

    "Tehnofom" company will take part in the 13th specialized exhibition "Domestic building materials" (DBM), which will be held in the CEC "Expocentre" in January 25-28 , 2012. This event traditionally opens a calendar of exhibitions in construction industry. During the event, participants will present their achievements, and visitors will receive information about trends in the market, get acquainted with the latest technologies in a building material industry.

    15 ноября 2011

    In late November 2011 article on the insulation material TEHFOM appeared in the journal "Insulation" publisher "EUROSTROY."

    20 октября 2011

    Contacts with the leaders of the construction industry were established at the National Congress "Modernization of the Russian Economy: Priorities of Development."

    16 октября 2011

    The interview with the head of the experimental laboratory of "Tehnofom" company Oleg Golubchikov was published in the magazine "Countryside point home" in October, 2011.

    10 октября 2011

    Heat-sound-insulating material TEHFOM will be presented at the National Congress, "Modernization of the Russian Economy: Priorities of Development»

    12 сентября 2011

    Our company has presented the material TEHFOM at the 15th International exhibition "Baltic Building Week". Details and photo report will be submitted after completion of the exhibition

    10 сентября 2011

    "Tehnofom" company will take part in the 15-th International exhibition "Baltic Building Week."

    29 июня 2011

    A heat-sound-insulating material TEHFOM is using for finishing of panel house in the Noginsk district. Yamkino place in Noginsk district.

    18 апреля 2011

    Material TEHFOM became a winner of "Open Opportunities" at the 2nd international common exhibition "Innovation and Technology", which was held in Moscow on April 12-14, 2011.

    9 февраля 2011

    Tehnofom company will take part in the 2nd International Exhibition and Forum "Innovation and Technology - 2011"

    24 ноября 2010

    Golubchikov`s article Building insulation materials has been published in the Regional supplement to the journal "Modern scientific technologies." 2010.

    An article on non-combustible material TEHFOM is published in the new issue of "Countryside Point Home"