21 февраля 2012 г.  /   all news

One of the most popular methods of facade and interior finishing is stucco. This method of relief of architectural decoration has been known since ancient times. Traditionally, stucco was made of natural materials

Even in ancient Egypt, in addition to carving  decor items made from natural gypsum and alabaster were used, which, incidentally, came to us in an amazing state. Blossom of stucco was reached, as we know, in ancient times.

Regardless of the style stucco has always been considered a good form. Of course, it has retained its status today. It is not surprising, because the relief decoration can transform any facade or interior, giving it personality and style.

Modern technologies give architects and designers  new materials.

In the laboratory of Ltd. "Tehnofom"  the development of all major elements of the stucco (frieze, cornice, pilasters, moldings, etc.)goes  full swing. In addition, architects and designers can offer their own options,  because the material TEHFOM can take any shape.

For more information on how to decorate with material TEHFOM You can apply by calling the phone numbers published in the "Contacts", or leave your question in the section "FAQ."